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Friday, December 16, 2011

The 70's called, they want their Frankfurters back.

    Oh the 70's! So many great things came out of the 70' me for instance. Also, great toys such as Stretch Armstrong and Lite Brite. Great T.V. shows like The Brady Bunch and Different Strokes. Some people may disagree...but DISCO!! I L.O.V.E. Disco! Roller skating, I almost forgot roller skating!
   Then, some not-so good things came out of the 70's, like recipes. I don't know what was going on in the world that possessed people to come up with some of the outrageous recipe ideas I am about to showcase. Thankfully the 70's came to an end and with it came the end of 'creative' cooking with hotdogs and the food world is a happier place for it.
    Feel free to try some of these recipes and if you do please let me know how it goes and SEND PICS.

The Frankfurter Spectacular
This is far too fancy for a weeknight dinner, save it for those special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays!

Molded Asparagus Salad
Check your gag reflex at the door! I'm gonna bet this has some "texture" issues.

Molded Cheese Souffle
It goes against nature to 'mold' food. This is wrong on so many levels.

Chilled Celery Log
Eternally Hungry Husband would probably like this in all reality. Too bad I won't EVER make it for him.

Crown Roast of Frankfurters
The beauty, the grace, this dish should only be made if the Queen herself is coming over for dinner.

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